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About the lunar calendar

The calendar shows the phase of the moon for every night of the year-and the day of the week for every day. You can use it anywhere in the world: a full moon is still a full moon wherever you are on the Earth. If you want to know the exact time of full moon, remember to make an allowance for the time zone you are in-all the times on this calendar are GTM. So in Britain in summertime, for instance, add one hour to the printed time to get the clock time of an event.
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What does a calendar cost:
Normal :   € 10,00 (€ 12,00 incl. package)
Laminated: € 16,00 (4 euro postage)

Discout for quantity orders starting 2:
Normal, for instance:
04 calendars € 32 (€ + 2 porto en koker)
06 calendars € 44( € + 3 porto en koker)
10 calendars € 65 (€ + 2 porto en koker)
05 X = € 84 (€ + 6 porto en koker)
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The times of the full, new and quarter moons are shown, as are the times when the moon changes from one zodiacal sign to the next. For instance, the moon moving into the sign Aries is indicated by an Aries symbol, with the time printed next to it, using the 24-hour clock. The moon always moves forward through the zodiac, spending a bit more than two whole days in each sign, completing its cycle through all 12 signs in one 'tropical month' of, on average, 27,3216 days.

You can buy the Calender in he following selected stores:
Groningen - De Wijde Wijze Wereld, Tilburg - Pleiade
Amsterdam - American Bookstore, Amsterdam Zoo, Geografische Boekhandel Pied à Terre, Boekhandel Temple and Au Bout du Monde.